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What Dance Classes Will Teach Your Daughter

What Dance Classes Will Teach Your Daughter

When you take your daughter to a dance class in Toronto, you are giving her one of the greatest gifts of all time. You are opening up a world to her that is unlike any other world she will experience.

Dance is part physical activity, part mental strengthener, and part sorority. Here’s how:

Your Daughter Will Learn To Be Proud Of Her Body

When your daughter comes to a dance lesson, she will be told to stretch her body. She will be told to stand as tall as she can, to spread her arms wide. To make herself as big and strong as possible. So many girls aren’t told to take up space – but that is exactly what we want her to do. Even better, we teach her to be mindful of the space of her sisters.

We want your daughter to know that her body is her own. She should use it to take up as much space as she wants, to move it in ways she wants, and that no one is welcome to her body without her consent.

Your Daughter Will Learn Pride

When dancing, your daughter will learn pride. She will learn what it looks like to work for something and to be successful. Then, we encourage her to scream about her successes. To cheer on herself and cheer on other people for their success. That their success doesn’t mean her failure – that the cheers will be just as loud when she gets it.

Even better, your daughter will learn how to celebrate her pride. She will learn what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Your Daughter Will Learn Food Is Fuel

Dancing requires fuel and a certain type of fuel at that. Energy is required for every movement that they do, from stretching to a full on dance. When they adopt dance, they learn that food provides energy. Even better, they will be able to determine which foods provide what energy.

Your daughter will learn about how food impacts her body. What foods make her sluggish and which ones make her strong. This is the foundation of a healthy relationship with food.

Your Daughter Will Learn Love

Dance is a love. Girls who fall in love with dance, choreography, music, and the fellowship of dancers will always have something in their lives. A home to go to, a way to express themselves, and a place to go when they feel alone.

Even if they only take a few classes (or even one!) they will get the skills and techniques they need to get them through life. However, years and years of dance classes can help them to forge a lifelong relationship that will never leave them – even if they aren’t performing on a Broadway stage.

Your Daughter Will Feel Beauty

There are so many things in the world today that show girls as less beautiful than they are. When your daughter takes a dance lesson, she will learn to see beauty in movement, beauty in strength, and beauty in groups.

When she starts to see the beauty in things outside of her, she will also start to see it inside of her. This is truly one of the greatest gifts that you can give any young girl.

If you have a daughter, no matter how old she is or what she likes, consider sending her to a few dance classes in Toronto. The skills and attitudes she will gain won’t just stay with her in the studio. They will stay with her for the rest of her life – in her schoolwork, in her employment, in relationships – in everything.

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